Woah. What’s been happening since MDW?

Well here goes.  Strap in because it is a lot.  June and July were actually pretty uneventful.  A couple trips to Austin, some random concerts and good times, and lots of sweat.  The gym fell off a bit, but y’all already know I’m not perfect.  But August is where it gets good.  In the June, I actually found out I had a cyst on the top of the ass crack.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A cyst.  The was caused me some of the most pain I have ever been in.  So I went to the doctor, she lanced that sucker but told me that I would need to get it removed or it would keep coming back.  So I went to see a general surgeon about having it removed.  Well it was going to cost an arm and a leg, and put me out of commission for almost two weeks!!! So, my mom suggested that I go see my plastic surgeon and see if he could remove it and do the rest of my skin removal at the same time. So I went and saw him, and 10 days later, I was under the knife having another 20 pounds of skin removed from my legs, back, and torso! And also having my cyst removed.  I was out for about 2 weeks but I am back now and better than ever.  Well not quite yet.  I have only been to the gym about 3 times and I only did the treadmill, but I am back working and enjoying life.  Life is crazy sometimes.  The craziest things happen when you least expect them to.  Like my parents randomly purchasing a second home 1250 miles from their current one!  Tonight is my first night to sleep in my own bed in 11 days and in 4 days, I will be leaving again for another weekend get away.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I did buy turkey and rice tonight at Target, so hopefully I can eat healthy lunches all week before I go eat every calorie I see on vacation.



It’s Shedding Season

I don’t know about y’all, but right before summer my hair starts to fall out.  And I am talking a ton of hair.  Luckily, I have a lot of hair to lose but I feel like I am going crazy finding hair all over the damn place!  It just started and it is already driving me nuts.

Speaking of shedding season, I have been at the gym three weeks in a row doing a Body Works class with that bitch very nice lady Hannah.  Things are starting to get a little easier, but don’t get it twisted.  I am still sore and it is still hard, just not as hard.  I went last night for her 7 o’clock class and got my ass up and went to an 8:30 class this morning with a different Body Works nazi instructor.  She kicked my ass this morning.  This lady has to be in her 50’s and she killed the workout.  I almost left half way through because I was so dang sore from last night, but I pushed through and finished.  Even 10 months after my tummy tuck, I am still sore down there.  I am really hoping to take a yoga class soon because I want to be more flexible.  I really need to work on my stretching and getting stronger.

I just booked a ticket to Chicago for the weekend so getting excited about that.  My friend Jeni from middle school lives there so I will be staying and partying with her.  It is going to be water and a ton of healthy eating until I leave, then pizza and booze for MDW.

Hope everyone is doing great and thanks for all the new followers.  Making new friends is hard but I hope to get better at it.  Until next time y’all!


Pizza and Blue Bell for Dinner

Yep.  You read the correctly.  That is exactly what I had for dinner last night.  I have been on such a good track with eating right and going to the gym and I blew it all last night on a mediocre Hawaiian pizza from Dominoes and some Rocky Road ice cream.  The hardest part about eating what I ate is trying to decide how to feel about it.  I mean, is it okay to cheat everyone once in a while, or am I supposed to be upset about it that I didn’t control myself better? I’m not really sure.  Oh well.  What’s done is done.

Cheers in Chicago

It has been almost two weeks since I left for the trip of a life time to celebrate 52 years of fabulousness of my mom.  Every year, the NHRA drag races fall on the same weekend as my moms birthday.  Well this year, my dad insisted that we take my mom on a girls trip so he could go to the races with his dad and brother.  So that is exactly what we did.  We booked flights and a house with his credit card and the countdown was on.  We also invited my moms good friend Debbie and her daughter Lindsey and my good friend Maggie.  So there was 6 of us total and boy were we excited!  We booked a house through AirBnB and boy was it perfect for the 6 of us.  We could not wait to get our trip started.

Our flight left on Thursday night at 9:55 pm.  That left us plenty of time after work to grab dinner at Pappasitos and head to the Continental Club to see my moms favorite band, Beetle, play a set before we had to head to the airport.  On the way, we all received our ‘checklist’ for the weekend. It was a list of things for us to do, eat, and drink during our weekend in Chi-Town.


Our checklist that my AMAZING sister designed for us.


We arrived in Chicago after midnight, Ubered to the house and hit the hay.  It was after 2 before we finally all got settled.  The next day we got our start around 11 am and hit the ground running.  Our first stop was the Water Tower.  But I was on a mission.  I needed a bar.  So right around the corner, we found one.  And we had our first drink before noon.  And that was the beginning of the end for us.  We made the mistake of NOT eating. And drinking alcohol all day on an empty stomach is such a rookie mistake. However, we pressed on.  We did some light shopping and headed off the Wrigley Field to take in a Cubs game!  Again, more drinking.  We had to split up when finding seats so Maggie and I sat about 15 rows behind the Cubs dugout and the other 4 gals sat in the Bleacher Seats, which is apparently where the party is at.  We stayed through Warren G butchering Take me to the Ball Game and headed to the next bar.

Now, this was no ordinary bar.  This was a dueling piano bar.  After a Cubs game that the Cubbies came back and won the game in the 8th inning with a grand slam.  So people. were. WILD!  We had so much fun singing and dancing and drinking and dancing and singing.  We would have never left if it weren’t for having to get items checked off our list. We head out and realized that we needed to find a ride.  Well guess what is waiting right outside the bar?  A white stretch limo.  That’s right, we all piled into a limo to bring us to our next stop, which we didn’t even get to check off because it was so foggy we couldn’t see anything.  But y’all, 6 tipsy adult women in a limo on a Friday afternoon, come on.  How could we not have the best time?!


My sister and I somehow ended up with the margarita my mother snuck out of the bar. 

After our failed trip to the John Hancock Tower, we jumped on the El and headed back to our house.  We had a 9pm dinner reservation so we had a few hours to nap and pull ourselves together.  We managed to make it to dinner on time and enjoyed eating because it was the first time we had done so all day.  After dinner, we tried our best to head out for a night on the town, but we could not get it together.  We were all so exhausted and hungover from the day drinking we decided to call it an early night.

Saturday morning we got up and walked to brunch in the rain.  It rain pretty much all day Saturday but everyone was such a trooper.  We checked off more items on the list including visiting the Bean and did some more shopping.  And more eating.  We stopped at Billy Goat Tavern at the suggestion of my friend Cris and enjoyed a burger and grilled cheese.  Next up was dinner so we headed back to the house to get ready for the night.

Dinner was at a popular Italian restaurant and we followed that up with drinks, and lots of them!  Cris met us for dinner and showed us around Chicago like a pro.  We bar hopped all night long.  We made it until 3 am and decided to call it a night.

Sunday was another late start but we had a fabulous brunch, followed up by coffee at a super trendy cafe and then a river tour.  Sunday night the girls decided to take it easy and watch a movie after deep dish pizza, but Maggie and I put on our party panties and headed out to a spot Cris recommended.  We rapped karaoke and partied until 4 in the morning with some new friends.  Monday morning was rough to say the least.

We spent our last few hours in Chicago eating and shopping, which was exactly what we wanted to do.  It was honestly one of the best trips I have even been on and am so glad we were able to make it a special birthday for my very deserving mother.


My mom text us at 3 am making sure we were okay.  We sent her this. 


Chicago Chickens 


Our mustaches became unibrows. 



We laughed the entire trip. 


Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

A Weekend for the Record Books

I seriously just had one of the funnest weekends of my life.  Well really, the last month has been especially incredible.  We did a girls weekend trip to Chicago at the end of April and last week I got spend the entire weekend with my number one road dog, Maggie.

I met Maggie at a little neighborhood bar just over five years ago.  We were both sitting at the bar,slamming back shots, nursing our adult beverages when we struck up a conversation.  We could not get over how stupid these ladies are the bar were acting, so naturally we struck up conversation and became friends because we judged people in the same way.  And the rest is history.  We have been through a ton of life together including marriage, kids, divorce, vacations, party busses, and countless drunk nights that end in so much laughter our sides hurt.  And this weekend was no different.  We got to celebrate Maggie turning 35 years old this weekend, and boy did we do it up right.  It started Friday with adult sno-cones at work followed by getting ready at my house and then a night out on the town just the two of us.  After a few shots and a little food, we decided to follow through with something we have been talking about for a while.  We wanted to get a piercing to celebrate life.  So we did.  We walked our happy asses into a tattoo parlor and got pierced.  Maggie went first and screamed like a little girl.  I held my shit together and got made fun of for it because I didn’t ‘let out my pain’.  We followed up our piercing with the total white girl dinner of a cheese plate and french fries at Hearsay.

Saturday, I worked and while I did she shopped.  We met at my house around 8:30 and she looked HOTTTT!  We headed out for a night on the town at one of the douchey-ist bars in midtown, but I had a gift cert. for a free bottle of Tito’s, so naturally we had to take advantage.  We had donuts and decorations and had a great time.  After we were good and lit, we decided to leave to get food.  Well, plans got sidetracked when we passed the Community Bar, where our great friend Will is the bartended.  We stopped in there and things got wild.  I ended up on the bar dancing and Maggie found an admirer that was very adamant about walking her to our car at 3 am when we finally decided to leave.  Sunday was the absolute best because it rained all day, which means that it was perfectly acceptable for me to lay around in my underwear all day and do nothing.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend.

Things were right back to normal yesterday though, meal prep and Body Works plus Abs at the gym with my mom.  So today sucks because I am good and sore for last night.  But no pain no gain right?! That bitch nice lady Hannah that teaches the class makes us do more squats than we should ever have to do.  But when my butt is looking right, I guess I won’t hate her so much.  Zumba tonight, which I love because I get such a good laugh every time I look over at my mom.  It is the best.

What is your favorite gym class?  Is there something that I need to try soon?  Any and all feed back is welcome!


Getting ready to start the process of getting ready


Birthday treats for the birthday girl


Friday night. Those lips made me feel like doing something dirty.


The black to my color


Holy Hiatus

Well, it has been YEARS since my last post and I figured what better time than now to let people back into my life.  Serious changes have happened since the last time I blogged but all for the good.  I have grown a ton.  Learned some hard lessons but am still standing today trying everyday to make myself a better person.  Which, I can’t lie, is not easy.

So since you last heard, I have lost almost 200 hundred pounds. That’s right.  I said 200 hundred pounds.  It hasn’t been easy.  It has been extremely painful, but things are so fantastic I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Along with the coffee shop, we opened a sno cone window and have been taking about little gift shop on the road every few months to markets and selling our souls and living out of an RV.  There has been a lot of traveling, a lot of drinking, a lot of laughing, a lot of crying, and just a whole lot of life.  I wish I would have kept up with blogging because there is so much that went on that I wish I could go back and read about all the things so I could relive the memory.  But I can’t.  So here I am, starting fresh.  I promise I won’t be perfect. But I will try.  I promise I will say cuss words, so if that bothers you, this may not be the blog for you.  I will bitch and I will tell stories, but really I want to give encouragement to anyone out there who may be on the same struggle bus as I am.  Life is hard.  We all go through things.  We all have our issues.  But knowing that someone is having the same struggle as you, makes getting through it a little bit easier.

So here is to a new chapter in my life, and hopefully to new friends along the way.  Looking forward to connecting with you once again.



pump pump pump it up

hello friends.  i hope life is treating you well and things are swell in your life.  things here are great.  it was a pretty laid back week for me and the pups. i have been doing a lot of body pump at the y which results in lots of whining at work about sore legs and shoulders.  i actually got up before 9 am on saturday and sunday so i could make it to the gym for a class!  man. that’s just crazy talk.  i have also been riding my bike quite a bit again.  riggins LOVES when we go on bike rides.  he loves to just trot along next to me without a care in the world.  he is also spoiled rotten at home because, when i can’t finish something i made to eat, he get the extras.  

on sunday, me and the fam damily went to the texans game against the pack. we got out there at 330 to tailgate and had a great time. the food was sooo good and i was actually able to have some and not get sick.  i guess that was kind of my cheat day because i have been really good about what i have been eat. i eat a lot of salad and shrimp. ha. we had a great time durning the game, even with the idiot cheese heads talking SOOO much trash. mind you, they are 3 and 3.  that’s is THREE AND THREE.  5-1 my friends.  5 and 1.  

i actually took the night off from the gym tonight and it has been kind of great just lounging around the house in my moo-moo catching up on my shows that i missed over the weekend.  

in case you weren’t aware, i have lost 72 pounds to date.  that is SEVENTY-TWO pounds since july 11th. whooo-hooo.  

well im heading downstairs to play fetch with my boy before we head to bed early.  

don’t forget to order your t-shirts to help get me to africa. i REALLY need some help  😦 


be blessed my friends. 


Peek yor calar

As I type this, I am getting a marvelous pedicure and working on my iPhone 5. Oh the wonders of technology.
This last week has been CRAZY!!! I have been going to the gym everyday and getting my “body pump” on. BP is an hour long class the incorporates weight lifting and strength training. It is actually a really great workout and I am LOVING it. I have also been riding the mess out of my cruiser! Love ridin that thing through downtown with my main man Riggs. He loves it too!!
As of today, I am down 65 pounds!! Woohoo! So fun. I have also raised over 800 dollars on t shirt sales and donations!! Almost half way there!!
I’m off to enjoy my massage. Much love my friends. kms

thunder thighs are killin me!!

well, i went to a new class tonight at the gym.  BODY PUMP!!  it was killer!  my thunder thighs were shaking so bad. i thought for sure i was going to fall over in the class. wow.  it was so intense. but i can’t wait to go back!! it was such a good feeling after i was done, i want more!  the only thing i didn’t like was walking down three flights of stairs after it was over. it felt like i was going to face plant walking down the stairs because my legs felt like jelly!

on tuesday, i went to the doctor for my two month check up.  that’s right.  i said two month check up!  can you believe that i had my surgery 2 months ago already? man time has flown by.  doctor garth said everything looks great and i am doing really well. i mean it’s hard not to say that when your patient loses 60 pounds in 2 months.  so things are good health wish.  i am still eating very little.  like tonight for dinner i had 4 cocktail shrimp, 2 bites of peas, 2 bites of corn, and about 4 sweet potato fries from the freezer.  i thought for sure i was going to vomit.  but i didn’t.  i was just really, really full.  i do need to be better about my water intake though.  blah. water is so boring to me.  but, i’m getting there.  down another 2 pounds since the doctors visit.

last night, my moms came over and helped me decorate my cute little apt for fall. it looks so cute and i just love being here.  good thing cause i am tired a lot so i spend a lot of time here.

got a few things planned for the weekend so hopefully i am good and rested up for it.

hope things are well in your life my friends.  don’t forget to order a shirt and help a sister out.

peace and love,



She is setting me up!!!

don’t judge me.  i am totally addicted the real housewives of new jersey.  and tonight episode was INSANE!!  so much drama!!  love it.

any way, i know it has been quite a while since my last blog but i’m here and alive.  super sore, but alive none the less.

last we talked, i ended with the fact i am going back to africa!!  YAY.  and i was going to take a night club cardio class at the gym.  well i went and it was crazy! crazy hard! most of the girls were actually really great dancers.  i on the other hand, not so great.  plus it was the first time i dad really worked out since the surgery.  so by the end, i was huffing and puffing.  but my favorite was by far the two men in our class.  they cracked me up the whole time.

since then, i went to minnesota for a little vacay slash my moms 30th class reunion.  So i left houston friday morning.  went to the reunion friday night.  had less than half a glass of some punch with liquor in it, and felt a buzz!!  i am definitely going to be the cheapest date around for a while.  the weather was fab and i got to spend a lot of time with my grandparents.  my grandpa had a fish fry and i eat a couple chicken wings from my favorite place in minnesota. ( which i threw up about 10 minutes after). i left tuesday night and headed back to houston.

on thursday night i decided to take a zumba class at the gym. man, that class got me.  not only did i dance my ass off, i was behind a girl (white) who was so serious about every move she made.  it was the funniest thing i have seen in a long time.  every move was so exaggerated and so intense, i cracked up all the time. and the best part was, i could look at her without being a creeper because it looked like i was just looking at myself in the mirror, not her.  so girl in my zumba class on thursday night, calm it down sister. you shouldn’t have to try so hard to be a good dancer.

saturday i decided to take my huffy cruiser out for a spin.  so i leashed up riggins and away we went.  we rode from my house to discovery green.  discovery green to market square. market square back home.  it was about a two mile trip.  not bad for our first time out together.  then i headed down to city hall for the puerto rican cuban festival.  again, another two mile trip.  so i rode about 4 miles and saturday, and my ass didn’t let me forget it on sunday.

today, i went to church and decided i wanted to watch the texans game at the little bar i USED to go to a lot.  so i leashed up riggins and away we went.  i mapped it before we left and it was about 1.5 miles away.  well at about mile .02, riggins saw a homeless man under a bridge and freaked. and when he freaked, i fell. yep. that’s right folks, i took a major digger on my bike today. i was that girl i would be in hysterics over. (ps. if you don’t know me that well, i become hysterical when i see some fall. sick i know)  i fell straight off my bike into the grass.  luckily, only one car was driving by when i fell.  so people in the white honda who watched me fall, i hope you got a good laugh.

i hope life is treating you well friends.  i know i need to be better about updating my blog. it is just so hard being so popular. (totally kidding).

don’t forget, if you want to help me get to africa, go check out my website.

peace and love friends,